About the Firm


Michael Rozen Investigations is licensed by the Ministry of Justice and employs professional and experienced investigators. Michael Rozen, the firm's manager, headed the Investigations Team in the Israeli Police Force's Central Unit, and helped solve numerous mysteries and crimes. The firm has worked extensively within the ultra-orthodox sector, and has gained

rabbinical approval.



Fields of Avtivity


Services for Corporate Clients

· Placement of skilled security guards in companies and businesses

· Financial and commercial investigations and business intelligence 

· Locating addresses and residences

· Locating debtors and their property 

· Detection and prevention of industrial espionage

· Covert investigations for uncovering debtors' payment sources 

· Employee reliability checks 

· Personal profiles of job applicants 

· Statement verification using various means (polygraph, graphology, and more) 

· Enforcement actions in cases of forgery, fraud and copyright infringement


Services for Private Clients


· Personal investigations that include round-the-clock surveillance 

· Relationship background checks 

· Special investigations 

· Criminal investigations 

· Investigations within various sectors: Arab, ultra-orthodox, and more 

· Overseas investigations (missing persons, child abduction, locating property etc.) 

· Polygraph tests

· Tap and surveillance detection 

· Rental and sale of covert and overt equipment (cameras, recording devices,and more)


Services for Private Clients


· Gathering evidence based on computers and technical equipment 

· Documentation of computers actions performed by various users



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